Star Obsession: Ji Chang-wook

Ji Chang Wook on Grazia

I’ll take that.

As I review his list of entertainment accomplishments, I am now seeing that he was in many dramas that I had seen before. I just wasn’t very impressed. I suppose retrospectively now, I can see that I was drawn to the dramas — though they weren’t memorable. And that magnet might well have been Ji Chang-wook. His acting, if I remember was actually quite good. But it wasn’t until the epic historical drama Empress Ki that I took notice of him. If the drama had ended at episode 20, I think I would have continue to overlook this talented actor. Seeing the transformation of his character from a spineless and actually annoying royal prince to a powerful King (albeit still a little annoying) made his character one of the most complex and interesting on the show. And now I wonder if I should go back and rewatch the dramas he was in before, I think I will view him as an actor differently now and watch for those subtle emotions he is able to evoke in Healer and Empress Ki. That is I think his signature.



Name: Ji Chang-wook

Birth: July 5, 1987


Days (2006)
Sleeping Beauty (2008)
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010)
Two Constables (2015)

Television Series

You Stole My Heart (2008)
My Too Perfect Sons (2009)
Hero (2010)
Smile Again (2011)
Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011)
Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2012)
Five Fingers (2012)
Empress Ki (2014)
Secret Love (2014)
Healer (2015)

Musical Theatre

Fire and Ice (2007)
Thrill Mee as Richard Loeb (2011)
The Days as Mu-young (2013)
Jack the Ripper as Daniel (2013)
Brothers Were Brave as Lee Joo-bong (2013)
The Days as Mu-young (2014)

Meet Again from Warrior Bae Dong-soo OST
Oh Sing Sing Men from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store OST
Your Warmth from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store OST
Fill Up from Five Fingers OST
To the Butterfly from Empress Ki OST
I will Protect you from Healer OST


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