Ex-Girlfriends Club Episode 1 Review

I laughed out loud in the first three minutes. Specifically at that moment when Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) “gag” screams facing a man with a ninja star on his forehead. Obviously no one had died for real, they were on a *spoiler* movie set and she was trying to recruit an actress for a contract. Soo Jin her self is a PD, production designer (I believe is what it stands for).

Song Ji Hyo screaming scene.

Song Ji Hyo screaming scene.

LOVE Song Ji Hyo. Here she is, playing the ex-girlfriend again. In this episode her boss uses the company as collateral for a loan and she lost the contract bid for a movie. In the midst she meets her ex, Myung-sun, and rejects his webtoon manhwa (name for Korean comics) but ends up somehow hiring him after the production company goes to ruins. And here the real story begins – at the end of the episode. The manhwa is about Myung-sun’s relationships with his exes. In their drunken celebration to start working together he contacts the exes to ask for their permission. All three of them show up at the movie company’s office with Myung-sun in the middle.

And that was the end of the episode.

This is a lighthearted episode with moments of serious adult angst from the giddyness of meeting an ex one may still have a crush on to professional shortfalls that lead to all out crying sessions to complete humility for being a jerk. Wow I guess this episode has succeeded in summing the visceral realities of adulthood. All this through Song Ji Hyo’s subtle and honest acting.

Soo Jin cries after the failure of the company sinks in.

Soo Jin crying after the failure of the company sinks in.

I just want to give her a hug in this scene! Her sister, brother-in-law and two nephews are just comic relief though, sitting in utter confusion at the suddenly very heartbroken Soo Jin who is usually lively and warm. I connect with her character, being in the same place in life as Soo Jin. Soo Jin a 30 something award winning film producer and who her butt off for a company led by a fallacious old man. She is positive about life, is single, still daydreams about an old flame, young film makers see her as a role model but she doesn’t feel deserving of it due to her fragile identity held together only by shear will and only if she is successful at getting this film contract signed with her company. And it fails. I feel you Soo Jin. I feel you.

Family looks on, to a very sad Soo Jin.

Family looks on, to a very sad Soo Jin.

BTW, I love that there are legos on the floor and the kids run around and there are crayon drawings on the wall of this humble home. All of this adds to authenticity of this story and family. So, although the storyline feels a little cliche of romcom drama and this is the type of role that Ji Hyo has played before, I will look forward to it.

PS here is the male lead

Myung-sum meets Soo Jin with a big grin.

Myung-sum meets Soo Jin with a big grin.

Why not?



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